Hey tomorrow is Earth Day… what you gonna do about it?

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True Earth Day is one day of the year, but why not make it a sustainable practice year – round. We have found some amazing ways to continue this once a year feeling of helping Mother Earth.

Volunteer with Chattanooga City Parks 

The Chattanooga Park Stewards Volunteer Program’s mission is to significantly improve the environmental and aesthetic quality of our parks and greenways by organizing and promoting volunteerism and stewardship.

geico-more-EarthDay-post-2016Volunteers are a valuable asset to the Parks Division – providing time, talent, and resources to help ensure the health of the park system. The Park Volunteers program also provides an opportunity to educate park visitors and citizens on the importance of stewardship of our parks. Park stewardship is key to guaranteeing that our parks, trails, and greenways will remain safe and clean and be enjoyed for years to come.

Example volunteer tasks include: 

  • Picking up litter, limbs, and debris.
  • Light landscaping, such as pulling weeds and adding mulch.
  • Cleaning and painting benches, picnic tables, and signs.
  • Removing vegetation on walking paths.
  • Reporting maintenance needs.

Chattanooga Parks volunteers assist with the upkeep of our parks through a variety of opportunities, from litter pick up to invasive species removal. Find one to suit your interests and skills!

Park Stewards
Assist with light maintenance activities and observe and report park condition.

Trail Stewards
Assist with light maintenance activities and observe and report trail conditions along our greenways, Stringers Ridge trails, or the TN Riverwalk.

Urban Eco Stewards
Assist with the upkeep and improvement of the environmental assets of the Chattanooga Parks system, such as rain gardens and natural areas

Lead Stewards
Support the Parks Outreach Coordinator by assisting with volunteer event days, outreach at community events, and park user customer service. Lead Stewards will need to first complete a year in the Park Steward, Trail Steward, or Eco Steward capacity and commit to 40 hrs per year.

Interested in one of these opportunities?


Anna Mathis

Parks Outreach Coordinator





Pick a favorite charity that is dedicated to helping your community through sustainability!  Here are some favorites.




Since 2007, through our advocacy and incentive campaigns, education and training classes, design competitions, and other programs, green|spaces has advanced the sustainability of living, working, and building in Chattanooga.


Working toward regional sustainability by progressing the way we live, work, and build in Chattanooga and the surrounding region.

By making a monthly donation of just $10, you will help us to continue our work in Chattanooga!

Perks of the Green Team:

  • Free Annual Membership to green|space
    • Save $5 with reoccurring option!
  • Discount on events like Rooftop Hop
  • Invitation to Green Team Only Events
  • First to know of upcoming projects & programs
Make a One Time Contribution
  • Continue to support the work of green|spaces at any amount you would like to give!
  • You can also Join the Green Team by contributing $125 a single time through the One-Time Contribution Button and we’ll contact you to renew in 1 year!
  • DONATE Here
  • TenneSEIATenneSEIA (Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association) is the state chapter for the national Solar Energy Industries Association, and represents the interest of the solar energy industry in Tennessee. The Association was officially kicked off at an event in Nashville on September 15th, 2010 and voted in it’s first Board of Directors on November 15th, 2010. It achieved the legal status of a 501C(6) business association on December 3rd, 2010.  Become a member.

“Our mission is to make solar energy a mainstream energy source and realize the full potential of the Solar Industry in the state of Tennessee.” – TenneSEIA Executive Committee & Board Members


Sierra Club

Our mission is to Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet. 


With the support of our grassroots volunteers and organizers we work to protect our air, water and ecosystems and promote sustainable solutions that ensure safe and healthy communities for today and in the future.  We work to stop polluters that are trying to remove our mountaintops, frack our forests, pollute our streams and keep coal plants running for decades. We are dedicated to  replacing dirty energy with better efficiency and renewable energy, like solar and wind instead of oil and nuclear while advocating for economic diversification in communities most impact by the transitioning energy economy. We strive to protect both urban and rural places from pollution and unnecessary development and we defend native ecosystems, stream ecology, endangered species, and special and treasured places across Tennessee. Join the Tennessee Sierra Club Chapter today!