72 Million New Homes Will Run On Solar Power By 2030

72 Million New Homes Will Run On Solar Power By 2030


As climate change continues to challenge the way we live and forces us to think about how our lifestyles impact the planet, more people are turning to renewable energy. A new report released from analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance looks at the importance of decentralized energy grids in a growing, modern world. It estimates 72 million new homes will be solar-powered by 2030 as access to cheap, sustainable sources of energy continues to expand . 

This is something that’s not only great for those seeking to transition their current traditional energy sources, but for those in developing or rural communities with limited or zero access to electricity.

The release of the report coincides with UN delegates meeting this week in New York to look at the progress made towards the UN’s sustainable development goals. It highlights 2018’s focus on ensuring access to affordable and reliable energy, safe and resilient cities, and water.

The report argues that, “decentralized systems, including those powered by renewables, could and should close the gap in an environmentally sustainable way. In fact, they estimate that the total industry investment required to achieve this is approximately $372 billion dollars less than recent assessments by the the International Energy Agency.”

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