Going solar has a wide range of economic, environmental and personal benefits! What’s your motivation?

The holiday season is a time for reflection and thankfulness. Since 2007 Solar Solutions is proud to be in the solar industry. Here are a few reasons why and our motivation:

1)  American Solar Jobs

According to the Solar Census 2016, the industry exceeded growth expectations by adding workers at a rate nearly 17 times faster than the overall economy. The Solar Foundation estimates our industry will support 581,600 jobs by 2026.

As of November 2016, the solar industry employed 260,077 solar workers, representing a growth rate of 24.5% over the previous year! Additionally, 85% of these jobs are in the installation, sales, distribution, and project development sectors. Let’s continue to grow together and support American jobs in 2018!

2)  Grid Resiliency

The deployment of renewable technologies increases the diversity of electricity sources and contributes to a more resilient energy grid in the face of natural disasters. We’re thankful for our industry’s swift efforts to help alleviate the suffering caused by severe hurricanes and wildfires this year.

Moreover, we are confident that distributed solar + storage solutions offer the best path towards a future defined by a cleaner and stronger energy network.

3)  Our Clients

Without YOU we would no be here designing and installing the best way to power your life. Clean energy powered by the sun and expertly installed by your only Fully NABCEP Certified local solar company,  is saving thousands of dollars. We’re excited that you’ve taken the first step on your journey to energy independence!

If you ever wanted to know about your options to go solar, now is the time to great FREE estimate.

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