Halloween Just Got Solarized: Solar Powered Halloween Decorations


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Halloween is almost here, which means you are probably in the midst  of deciding on a costume, stringing some fake spider webs into the tree on your front lawn, carving your most amazing pumpkins, and adding a spooky characters to the yard.

Each year we find at least one new decoration to make the holiday terror even better. If you are planning on adding some new decorations this year, you might be surprised to discover some solar-powered decorations available at your local store or why not try some DIY decor.

Solar technology is getting more affordable and sophisticated each year, to the point where it’s not only saving you money for your home, business or farm, but even Halloween decorations. For more information contact us.

Solar Powered Pumpkins


Materials: (for 1 stake)

2″ x 2″ x 4′ stake
Trick-or-Treat pumpkin
Solar landscape light
Duct Tape- large roll

Step by Step instructions HERE

More ideas below.

Solar Porch Pumpkin


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