The price of U.S. solar power has dropped a whopping 70 percent since 2009, even as panels become more efficient.  Now is the time to act on taking control of your electric bill before rates go up again!

Recently a Washington Post  article by Chris Mooney, “Wind and solar keep getting cheaper and cheaper” mentioned a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance;

The report, from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, examined the “levelized cost of electricity” around the world in the second half of 2015 — a metric that seeks to take a comprehensive look at costs including capital expenditures, interest rates and operating costs. It’s an approach that is able to “put technologies on a level playing field and enable that comparison, which is valuable,” says Seb Henbest, head of Europe, Middle East, and Africa analysis for Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The report was based on analysis of some 55,000 projects around the world, says Henbest. And it found that globally, onshore wind now on average costs $83 per megawatt-hour of electricity ($2 cheaper than in the first half of the year), and thin film solar photovoltaics costs $122 per megawatt-hour — a drop of $7 in just half a year.



By getting a custom-designed system that is tailored specifically for your home or business ensures your carbon footprint is reduced or eliminated.  There is no better time to act and save! BTW there a 30% Federal Tax Credit too, but this is set to expire December 2016.

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